Regional allegiance, familial legacy, entrepreneurship

The industrial group Zuber-Laederich is both the fruit of the History of Alsace with a capital “H” and the legacy of families who withstood storms by taking initiatives which have been passed down from generation to generation.  These entrepreneurs, who preceded me, have perpetuated both their passion for their region, with its eventful history which could have proven fatal for their businesses, and for their industry which they have continuously maintained, supported and developed.

Our group is the legacy of many diverse historical and industrial events.  Dollfus celebrated its bicentenary last year, Colmant Cuvelier is over a century old and the beginnings of our company date back to the initiative of Jean Zuber at the beginning of the 19th century.  It is with our history and our time-earned experience that we look to the future with confidence and determination in spite of the uncertainties of the in-depth changes that the world is currently undergoing.

Even in the 1980s and 1990s when deindustrialization started to weaken French companies, the group proved its capacity to bounce back and preserve its industrial activities with potential for innovation and development.  Of course this has meant making choices, consolidating our resources and abandoning certain fields of activity but we have been able to adapt and to manage the human changes which have been the consequence of these adaptations.

Today the evolution of the two industrial companies in the group, Dollfus & Muller and Colmant Cuvelier are living proof of this energy and conviction.

At our modest level of private investment, we also endeavor, via the reconversion of our real estate assets, to revitalize our region by attracting or maintaining rising commercial businesses. This is our concept of sustainable development through investing in real estate assets whose original purpose of the past can be given a new lease of life and performance within the constraints of our current environment.

I am proud to embody this family legacy today because it bears witness to the human values of industrialists, in contact with their teams, their clients, their environment, far from global speculations.  It is essential for us to endeavor to be players, creators of wealth and values; a necessary and indispensable condition for the sustainability of our companies.


Jérôme Koch, Chairman of Zuber Laederich