A rich history...

Zuber-Laederich is a family company whose origins date back to the beginning of the 19th century. Jérôme Koch, who currently runs the company, is descended from a family of Mulhouse industrialists, with close ties to their region and whose entrepreneurial spirit has not been shaken by the twists and turns of history. From 1870 to 1945, the people of Alsace changed nationality five times and the group Zuber had to adapt its business activities accordingly. After World War II It expanded and has since been restructured during the industrial decline of the last decades. Today the group Zuber-Laederich consists of two companies whose expertise is unique in France, as well as a property holding and industrial real estate rental company principally located in Alsace. The group has been involved in the development of paper manufacturing since the middle of the 19th century and also managed ten companies, directly or as financial investors, up until the 1950s, when it was listed on the stock exchange,. Despite evolving markets and globalization which have not been kind to the French paper and textile industries, the group has been able to adapt.

..marked by successes

Since the 1970’s, under the direction of Gérard Koch, father of the current chairman, Jérôme,  Zuber Laederich has become an industrial player who invests in rising Alsace companies and in commercial real estate while managing their own two companies.

Signature of a commercial lease


Signature of a commercial lease between the company Sonoco and our subsidiary ELPA for 16 500m2 of premises and office space.

Imminent sale of the Erstein Kraft site


The Kraft site office space should be acquired his year by the current tenant, Wurth Industrie France.